Pregnant or not?

So the past few weeks have been a rollercoaster.  To catch you up –

  • Doc doubled my clomid dose.
  • I finally ovulated at CD18, with 5 follicles!
  • We inseminated the day before and the day of
  • 12dpo we got a BFP
  • Beta was 39, doc was concerned it might be low so I retested (nurse said it looked fine but wanted to chat with doc before she told me)
  • No pregnancy symptoms to speak of.
Saturday was a rainy day in Richmond so we decided to have family movie day.  On the way home we laughed and laughed and I thought I peed my pants.  It wasn’t till I stood up getting out of the car that I suspected something was up.  Rushed to the bathroom.  There was a lot of blood.  No pain though.  The bleeding subsided as quickly as it started.
I know that early bleeding can be fine as a friend assured me yesterday.  But I think the low beta, the bleeding and the absence of symptoms has me worried. Im waiting for the RE to call back now.  I expect he will send me for another beta.  I might buy a pregnancy test and see what happens.
Yuck.  I want to be happy, but I am too worried.

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  1. Congratulations on your BFP! I hope it sticks. I don’t know if remember or were reading my blog then, but with our first I had bleeding for a day, I also had a low Beta – lower then yours – and then the bleeding stopped, and I stayed pregnant. Now I have a little bat who is 2 and five months so excited to trick or treat tonight. I hope you can say the same in a couple of years. I will be thinking of you, I know how hard this can be.

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