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I’m branching out. I love my ttc blog. I love how it held my hand while I cried and held my hair while I threw up. But, I’m not TTC anymore. We may make another baby someday if we are lucky enough but it likely won’t be my body. I’m not closing shop, but I want a place to talk about my everyday. My struggles with balancing part time stay at home mom, part time small business owner, part time crafter, kind-of-attachment parent and wife of 7 years. so here I am… This community is sacred to me… If you want to follow me on twitter or find me a facebook please do. I’ll be here as often as I am now, but I invite you to visit with me more often.


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Potty learning

LJ has three major life skills to master.
1. Falling asleep on her own.
2. Learning to use the potty.
3. Weaning from nursing.

Of course sharing and not hitting and playing nicely are in there too.

We’ve been hard at work on the sleep and knock on wood LJ now falls asleep without nursing or rocking. We sit in the room, but don’t need to touch her. It’s quite wonderful. Last night, it took 5 minutes.

Today we start potty training/learning/guidance. Because of her kidney issues we have a slightly different protocol but the major themes are the same. So, at naptime we have had three pees in underwear, two on the potty and one poop on the potty.

We are playing outside all day and rewarding potty time with yogurt covered raisins, LJ calls them her white candies.

I’m pretty laid back about it. We are gonna work on it till Tuesday and then re-evaluate and see if we stop and revisit or if we keep going. Pictures below.

Weaning…soon. I’m ready to have my breasts back.

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Sloooowww Dowwwn

I seriously need life to slow down. Life with a toddler is so so amazing and so so busy.   We decided to put our house on the market and that has consumed every bit of our free time.  We aren’t leaving the area just upgrading our space.  As streamlined as we are its amazing how much space a toddler takes up.  We are feeling a bit stuffed in.  We actually have found our dream home and it is only 10 blocks away.  We are putting an offer in tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us..

A month ago we did another photo shoot with Our friends are the photographers and we got the online gallery last night.  Oh my lord, they are so amazing.  They are so amazing I don’t even know how to choose which ones to order.  I’ve included two below.  To see the full gallery go to select clients and the password is amber.  (you will also see that the front of her website is LJ!!! ) The photographers are co-located in Upstate New York and Richmond so they do everything in between.


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In Case You Were Wondering….

In Case you were wondering where we were – recovering from surgery took much longer than the physical wounds.  LJ has been tantrumy and clingy and distrustful.  I have a new appreciation for people who nurse a child through a hospital stay.  I think each age group likely brings its own problems.  At a talkative 19 month old she has the ability to say “no” and “all done” and “off” when people are touching her and she doesn’t like it.  She does not have the ability for us to explain to her that its going to feel better soon or that touch isn’t going to hurt.  Regardless about 6 weeks out we are still finishing the recovery process.

In case you were wondering lots of kids are very allergic to red dye #40.  Red dye #40 is in anything that is red that didn’t come out of the ground like that.  How do I know this?  Mother’s Day morning LJ woke up with a high fever and since we were out of town I ran to walmart at 6:30am to grab ty.lenol, cherry flavored.  About an hour later her face swelled up like a balloon and I ran out once again for drugs – this time for bena.dryl.  We went to the pediatrician yesterday to investigate the swelling and the fever and low and behold we walked out with strep throat, scarlet fever, and an ear infection with a suspected red dye allergy or maybe it is strawberries??

In case you were wondering only half the population can get scarlet fever – which is the bodies reaction to a toxin released by a specific kind of strep.  It produces one hell of a nasty rash from head to toe.

In case you were wondering this brings the list of potential allergic reactive foods to kiwi, egg, pineapple, sulfites, shellfish, red dye and/or strawberries.  That list tends to negate the general advice to wait until they are two to test so we are heading in on thursday to see what she is actually allergic too and what she might just be sensitive to.

In case you were wondering you can’t have ben.adryl three days before having an allergy test and that is precisely the recommendation to bring the swelling of the scarlet fever rash down.

In case you were wondering we did another photo shoot.  I have two of the photos to share so far and they are amazing and LJ likes getting her picture taken.  They also did a video and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

In case you were wondering, none of the 19 medicinal flavorings at Tar.get pharmacies contain red dye, the pharmacist did not know this so it took 20 minutes of calls to get the ingredient lists. (i hope its not red dye #40)

In case you were wondering a scarlet fever rash often gets worse before it gets better.

In case you were wondering when LJ is on two antibiotics at the same time, I stop using cloth diapers because it is plain yucky.

In case you were wondering lj night weaned finally, all by herself without me having to do a thing.

In case you were wondering, my daughter talks in sentences now.  Which is creepy and amazing and loud. So says sorry, please, thank you, bless you, and we are working on you are welcome.

Maybe you weren’t wondering about any of it, but it seemed like a good post to catch everyone up.


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Easter bunny

Well enough to play for a bit then she hit the sack. Here she is after she hunted for eggs and then Poured them on the ground to play. My grandmother made the dress. Thankful it fit because I forgot about an Easter outfit.


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Surgery done, time to recover

Surgically, everything went well. Sick toddlers are pitiful. I’ll post more when we get home.


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Surgery – eta 4 days

When LJ was 5 months old she awoke in the middle of the night with the worst screaming I had heard up until that point.  She was burning up and it was a 103 degree fever.  Like all new parents we freaked…  almost went to the hospital, but we were calmed down by the oncall doc.  The next morning she was diagnosed with a UTI.  13 months later, 2 diagnoses, 13 months of abx, and 6 infections later we are heading into surgery on Tuesday.  I can’t even explain my anxiety.

It reminds me of finding out several days ahead of time that I was going to have a cesearn…  the prep work and the emotional baggage is so draining.  Plus I’m aggravated that we have to do this.  I know after getting two medical opinions that this is the right decision, but I’m still freaking out.

So we have introduced bandaids this week for boo boos…  I’m hoping that may help.  We don’t have characters in our house, but the kid still loves Elmo from the less than 10 times she has watched sesame street.  We’ve been playing doctor with a little set listening to heartbeats, giving shots, and taking blood pressure.  And Amber’s mom made her hospital gowns and a matching ones for her fav doll.  Its all we can really control at this point.

So Tuesday…  4-5 hour surgery.  4-5 days in the hospital.  4 ureters re-implanted into her bladder (its true most of us only one 2… she has 4 her official condition is called a duplicate collection system with grade 4 reflux)

Rationally, I know we will all make it through as a family and okay. But if you are a finger crosser, or a candle lighter, or universe beggar – please whisper a little hope for us.


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