Our Path

This is as much for me as anyone but I wanted to be able to keep track of our TTC journey.

**Original Plan was to start TTC in November 2006 – but job loss postponed the process until April, then the loss of my mom postponed it a bit more. So I would say we got down to business in May, 2007.

May 2007 – Begin Temping, Book Reading, Donor Looking

June 2007 – GYN annual and appointment for referrals, Mammogram (family history)

July 2007 – First Appointment with RE, 1st IUI (weekend with on call doctor)

August 2007 – IUI #2 normal cycle, hormone shots

September 2007 – crazy cycle

October 2007 – more of the same crazy cycle – IUI #3 with strange spotting, and extra appointments

November 2007 – IUI #4 with HCG

December 2007 – IUI #5 on CD35!!! diagnosis of PCOS

January 2008 – Began Clomid, IUI #6, CD16 ovulation PREGNANT!!!

LJ born on September 24, 2008


3 responses to “Our Path

  1. poppycat

    I linked over from… oh yeah, Instert Metaphor and I just started reading your story. On this particular night, your last few posts and this page have made me feel good, hopeful. Thanks for posting and happy new year to you and your family.

  2. melanie

    hi- did you use a cryobank? your daughter is so cute.
    would you be willing to share the donor #? have a daughter from a cryobank-looking to add to our family! thanks for your time!! Melanie and Tera

    • I mean this in the kindest of ways, but stating how cute their daughter is and then asking for their donor number is almost like saying I really like that ice cream what kind is it so I can go buy some too. That seemed very out of line. I’m not certain how they feel about it, but to me the donor number is a very private thing, the creation of a child is not about donor numbers, it’s about the love these two people have for each other.

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